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The Greater Puerto Viejo Area

Anybody who has traveled throughout Costa Rica will tell you that Puerto Viejo is special & we take this distinction as a compliment. Boasting greater cultural & biodiversity than the rest of the country, the town of Puerto Viejo is in the middle of 8 distinct communities connected by a 40km stretch of mostly beachfront highway which combine to make up the tropical low-lying Southern Caribbean. If you’re looking for the bank or bus station, grocery store or post office, the town centre has (almost) everything you need, but there’s something incredible to discover at every stop along the way, so get out there and explore!

How to Get to the South Caribbean

One of the main reasons we love Puerto Viejo is because it’s well off the beaten path, but this means that preparing ahead for your journey is especially important. There are multiple modes of transportation & which one works for you depends on a number factors such as your budget, personal preference, & travel schedule. Whether you arrive by rental car, shuttle, small plane, or bus, we recommend that you connect with your hotel or vacation rental host at the time of booking to inquire about your options.

Classes, Courses, Tours, & More

Are you an adventure traveler or a leisure traveler? Maybe a little of both? As a coastal region where the jungle literally borders the sea, this is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Relax on the beach; surf, paddle board, or kayak – depending on the season; meet the wildlife in their natural habitat – day or night; chase waterfalls, zipline & check out Puerto Viejo’s evening entertainment scene all in the same day. For the complete experience, add some culture & education to your day. Learn about our world-renowned cacao, go on a permaculture tour, take a couple Spanish lessons, or join a walking tour of the town to learn about the unique history of the region & what makes it so different from the rest of Costa Rica. Message us if you have any questions!

The Vast & Everchanging Cuisine of Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is a cultural mixing pot. Largely & historically inhabited by Afro-Caribbean & Indigenous people, the Southern Caribbean is also home to nearly every nationality under the sun. This diverse demographic is most apparent in the cuisine. From traditional to international, as well as a variety of creative culinary fusions, when it comes to food, Puerto Viejo delivers. With over 150 restaurants from Cahuita to Manzanillo, it would be a real challenge to sample them all but we have a number listed in our blog.

Take Care of Yourself at Home & Abroad

People travel far & wide to experience Costa Rica for its variety of health & wellness opportunities. Practice yoga under the forest canopy surrounded by nature, take a permaculture workshop, meet the medicine man of the Bribri people, or participate in a cacao ceremony. Alternatively, simply let the healing energy of the mineral-rich, black volcanic sands course through your body while you absorb the warm rays of vitamin D. If these recommendations seem too labour-intensive, book a wide-selection of therapeutic, exotic massages performed in a tranquil jungle setting by a trained relaxation professional.

The Most Asked Questions

Some people really like surprises; others like to be prepared for anything. Both approaches are legitimate, but for those who like to plan ahead, our Frequently Asked Questions section is a great place to start. From all the standard questions, to queries you never even thought to ask, we have a growing directory of answers, information, & other useful resources to help you plan your trip – or plan your move – to Puerto Viejo.

We Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Stay

You made it all the way to the southeasternmost corner of Costa Rica. Now what? We happen to know this place pretty well, so let us be your complementary experience guides & show you some of the reasons we choose to call Puerto Viejo our home. We have compiled daily, weekly, & even monthly suggested itineraries to help you fill your days with excitement, adventure, & everlasting memories. We can help you decide where to go & how to make the most of your time while you’re there.


Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean is officially on the map & there has never been a better time to visit! There’s a lot to see, eat, & do, so let us provide you with some tips, links, & other helpful resources to help you get the most from you vacation in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica!


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